Herbal Presentations Available

Herbal Infused Honey for Colds & Flu

Do you love honey? Did you know it has medicinal qualities? Well, it does! This presentation is designed to introduce the audience to a wide variety of plants that may be infused into honey that are known for their historical uses as treatments for colds and flu. This is a very popular presentation and includes a variety of herbal infused honey for sampling!

The Cyclic Nature of Man & Bees

This presentation follows seasonal flowering plants and honey bees. In this talk we discover everyday plants that grow and bloom around us that the bees use as their food sources. Could these same plants be useful for us? Find out what's growing when and how you too, can benefit from these plants. This presentation also includes a sampling of several herbal infused honey blends!

Kid Friendly Herbals

Would you like to improve your children's health? Did you know there are many herbal allies that kids actually like that are known to be very nutritious and tasty, too? Well there are. In this talk we will learn about safe and nutritious herbal allies and how to serve them up to benefit our children. Samples of a kid friendly tea and snack will be available for participants to enjoy.

What to Expect From an Herbal Presentation

Herbal presentations last up to 1 hour. After the talk, I answer questions and invite the listeners to try samples of  herbal creations that pertain to the information presented during the talk. I also bring many of my single batch herbal products for purchase and offer a 10% discount to participants. 

Plant Walks & Tea Sampling

Would you like to know how to identify many useful 'weeds' in your area or backyard and how to incorporate them into your daily life? Small groups may schedule a plant walk and herbal tea sampling at our location in Kings Mountain, NC. Just let me know when you'd like to come visit and I'll put a kettle of seasonal herbal tea on to brew!

Permission and Waiver for Plant Walks

What to Expect During Plant Walks & Tea Sampling

Plant Walks at the property in Kings Mountain require participants come prepared for outside walks with boots or closed toe shoes (it's a mini-farm - no sandals or heels), They generally last 60 to 90 minutes. This depends on the group and the level of interaction and questions. A specialty herbal tea will be available for those who want to sample it and I always have a variety of herbal infused wild flower honey on hand to add!